Dwarf a Day: a countdown to Hobbit part II

I started Dwarf a Day as something to help me deal with waiting for the second installation of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Dwarf a Day is a collection of my daily sketches, and visual meanderings with very short turnaround times, typically I shoot for under 1.5 hours. For daily updates please check my blog at gabrielbishop.com

Thorin VS Smaug: the REAL story.
Krya Greyhammer fights the Ice Drake
#8 Braelgar Hightower
Eldon Greyhammer no. 10
Krya Greyhammer #30
Vulfnr Gravelbeard # 28
#39 Jarl  the salty dog.
#41 Gandar Magmantle - Romanitcally involved with rocks and minerals.
#43 Ellera Cliffwarden - Mountain Scout - Surgeon with a blunderbuss. 
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